Had author tried the great 'Chanusa' of Pakistan, he would have changed his mind. In the post-colonial world, many newly independent countries have followed the fascist route. We absolutely need a panel of judges (at least 10) from all nations. That's what it is identified. well i am working with an independent analysis firm.and we have to think in every direction.hope you wont mindyou mangoes are best but we like ours.good day, Mangifera indica—the "common mango" or "Indian mango"—is the only mango tree commonly cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. I have tested Pakistani mangoes in Dubai and they are as good as any Indian mangoes. One way to appreciate the taste and flavour of quality mangoes of the subcontinent ,form a Mango Society in each country,and host mango show every year allowing AAM lovers from other country to participate. India has been able to export this exotic fruit to the Kuwait, UAE, China, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, USA, Japan, Singapore etc. (Source: A R Barve/Instagram) It has balanced taste "Khatta-Meetha" . Are potatoes and corn grown in India or Pakistan the best? @Kalyan chonsa from Pakistan are the best in the world bro :P :P, Good one Shivam!! @Nakul btw, its totapari. I lost the love for mangoes when i was in US , as mangoes there were from Mexico. We absolutely need a MANGO-FESTIVAL featuring all Indian, Pakistani (and yes, Bangladeshi) mangoes. Enjoyed it a lot. Alphonso is good but Chaunsa is even better! Most european countries have banned indian mangoes because of fly bug, and Pakistani exports have surpassed that of india. Living in middle east, having tried mangoes from all over the world, I am pretty confident in not accepting this claim. Loved the article and its light-hearted tone. I have the same feeling when they compare Pakistani ghazals with Indian Ghazals or Pakistani fast bowlers with Indians. Hapus aam, Badamai mangoes are 100% natural and carbide free equivalent to ratnagiri & devgad alphonso mangoes. Far better are the Alphonso, the Badami, Kesar & Banganapalli varieties. With a history of mango cultivation dating back almost 4000 years, it is no wonder. Many challenges have festered and remained either unaddressed by successive govts, or addressed haltingly. A week later, the angry citizens of Ratol went to Indira Gandhi and presented her a box of the original Ratol mangoes. thta is probabaly what we south asians need to learn more. @ali: You mean 'Sambhajinagar' in Maharashtra?? Sir, the high quality mango crop doesnt reach Middle-East from UP. you have all the rights in world to appreciate Alphonso or whatever; that does not make your taste bud better than somebody else. We need to settle those all-important question on the best mango variety. I bought it couple of times and then stopped. Nature of Business. These mangoes are … I live in north India, BT think alphanso is unmatchable. In UK we generally get Sindri/Chausa and Alphonso/Kesar mangoes and we enjoy all of these. My indian friends also envy the PANGO (Pakistani Mango). Well, when it comes to mangoes its emotional for South Asians - it takes them back to their roots. Anyway a nice light article. Really enjoyed reading it. Alphonso is good too but causes a hole in the pocket. Here in chhattisgarh the Khujji's "langada aam" is also very famous. End of story, no more dispute. Thank you for such a sweet article :) Deliverable all over India, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi @Vikram the author is right. Interested in this product? “Badami and Alphonso are one and the same.” says Mukund. I think India and Pakistan should make love not war. India may have over 1400 variety of mangoes; and that Anwar Ritol, Chausa, Langrra, Dasehri may have their roots in India.. What the author is missing is that we, in Pakistan, have perfected those varieties.. and so, using the same terminology that the author has used: "Case Closed!" None cannot unless one tastes Bangladeshi mangoes. For Decades, we have been cultivating Mangoes and have visited many farms in India before we buy it. LOL. For example, Toor (or arhar) daal - my childhood favorite - from South Asia does taste better and is more "authentic"than the flavorless variety from Kenya, which seems to have supplanted that variety in the US shops. The author should try Chonsah and compare it with Alphonso or any other variety. Mango pickle (known as Avakaya, south Indian version of super spicy Achar) if made with Nuzividu Rasam tastes great and is local pride. What most Pakistanis don't know is that the Anwar Ratol has its roots in a village two hours from Delhi, in what is now the Baghoat district of western Uttar Pradesh. Very well written article on mangoes! Goes on to show we need fresh issues to argue upon . The Mexican variety I would not even feed my cattle! The Author has made a good point about the Alphonso (or Hapus, as it is locally called) being too sweet and perfect. There should be International Mango Festival in different parts of India and Pakistan each year, where formers grow Mangoes. But there used to be an old mango tree in our back yard and the taste of its mangoes were simply out of this world though we were never sure which variety was that but it had small greenish fruit with reddish pulp inside. Pakistan is a place where I have my roots and some very dear friends. Leaf: (*) Twis (+) ting of Leaf blade Absent 1 Safeda Lucknow B VS Present 9 Alphonso, Chausa 7. Quaid-e-Azam's forefathers were Suravamshi Kshatriyas. It originated in Indian subcontinent (present day India and Pakistan) and Burma. Forget any other Mangoes - Mexican, Sudani, Thai...Bla Bla Bla Bla. Thailand : ** (throughout the year- cheapest in Singapore) Dussehri, Chausa (after a place in Bihar) and Rataul (place near Delhi). It flesh texture is thinner and lighter and its sweetness is more sugary. I agree. Indian mangoes are of the ready to eat variety & are best had Air Shipped. WOW. The clear superiority of the Alphonso has little to do with sweetness. There are lots of Desi Mango varieties (unique taste of mango) which has there identity in the locality and it extinct with that mango tree and not being preserved or planted in large scale. Second best are Indian mangoes. Why do we need western endorsement to hold our heads high? Try doodhiya maldeh...... certainly best of lot, dushari,ratol,alphonso are just overrated. Shahjahan has alleged on Aurangzeb that from Deccan he is nt allowing famed alphanso to Delhi while he was prince of deccan, Langrha is called "Aamon ka Badsha" the king of mangoes especially Langrha from D I K is the best thing one can taste in entire mango family... No other variety even comes close to Langrha (from D I K, Pakistan). Period. India is such a big country u cannot compare anything with Pakistan,Whatever variety is available in Pakistan is 100% available in India either it is mango or orange, Very well written. But I still found anwar ratol of Pak is better in taste. How can i get the mango "Anwar Ratol?" "Bainganpally" is great and it is widely used in chhattigarh. Nice article, I have tried few indian varieties but found pakistani mangoes to be distinctive more sweeter and aromatic. They are usually available only in September,usually after the first week, and only in select shops. (Source: Asit K Ghosh/Wikimedia Commons), Chinna Rasam: Andhra Pradesh produces many varieties of mangoes, and among the most popular is Chinna Rasam. They flood Odisha market with this inferior mangoes. That makes mangoes an India-Pakistan dispute just like Kashmir. For those who do not know much, all the varieties of mangoes grown in the US / mexico are derived from the Indian Malgoba mangoes, large ones grown in South India,, in karnataka and in AP, and they are NOT considered good in South India. It is too sweet, too perfect. No doubt Indian mangoes wee very good but since last 10 yeqars or so Pakistani mangoes hve proved to be far better than Indian Mangos. mmmm, now wait a minute, let me finish my mango than I will read this article fully. Mangoes are the only reason people look forward to the summer season. Mangoes are such a big part of our childhood memory that the mangoes we grew up with define who we are. It has a very thin bright golden yellow colour skin with a tinge of red on the top of the fruit. Yet, there's one point which we can all agree about: those South Asians who claim not to be fond of mangoes are to be pitied. Indians and Pakistanis need more of such articles and need to love each other as neighbors. @Kalyan Dear Kalyan, i as a Pakistani love this BenganPali Mango! New generation of Indians who are unbiased they generally prefer chausa over all others. I love mangoes of any nationality or religion. Indian Mango Verities: ***** (Alphonso- this rating is only for the chosen ones!!!) for me it is the best, few people also call it langra . @M Lodhi, Yes mate, I tasted Mexican and Brazilian and I had never imagine a mango can ever be so worse in taste.. And once that is done, we'll ask the same expert to then solve the kashmir issue (only if he votes for pakistani mango, of course!). I live in USA and the local store sales a box of dozen Kesar magnos for $40 and you wouldn't believe they go like in a snap..I'd rate Kesar above all other types. Mango Badami fruit tree. Excellent one.. These are eaten both as ripen fruits and cooked into various dishes unripen green. India is the world’s largest producer of mangoes, and, according to the National Horticulture Board, we account for around half of the world’s mango production. Mangoes and no mention of Pakistani Malda(it is originally from Malda in West Bengal) or Langhra- this is criminal negligence/hasty oversight and requires unconditional apology from the author and all commentators- no excuses please. Every day keep checking if any of them is ripen enough to slurrrrrrrrrrp :). They are not hard on the pockets too.. In the words of Ghalib………`Gudhay he to aaam nahi khatay. This is after 5 years!. I have not gone through the 191 comments and so would not know if this has been mentioned but growing up in Bengal, the "langda" is to me indubitably the best tasting Indian mango. Very good article. Highly "controversial" issue with fans of Anwar Ratol but well-written. The name is a corruption of the Portuguese Malcorado (poor in colour), but the mangoes themselves have an intense aroma, are full of flavour and very fleshy. No wonder why the 'Anwars' had to move to the places now in Pakistan, obviously they had to pour in the sweetness of the soil which was missing previously. No doubt, these are best on the planet. Given the climate, I am sure Sindri/Chausa of similar quality can be grown in Kutch. I protest for not even mentioning "Chaunsa" in your article. More variety of mangoes does not mean that there is quality to each and every variety. Mango Achaar - Punjabi Style and the surprisingly awesome Madras Pickle. There must be 30 days exhibition in both countries major cities.let people decide with freedom and enjoy mangoes from indo pak region. Send me 1200+400 varieties of mangoes, I will tell you which one is the best mango. There is no Delhi Bombay divide - it is actually the rest of India which appreciates good quality mangoes vs the unfortunate victims on whom the Dasseri is passed off as a mango. ", Have anybody tried "Himsagar" verity of Mango from Bengal (west mainly) ? But whenever I go to Lucknow, I eat plenti of them. I do not know about Ratols or Anwar Ratols but I am certain that Dusseri is a very inferior quality of mango. It is eaten as slice and and also best for dish "aam-ras". (Source: Asit K Ghosh/Wikimedia Commons), Mallika: The Mallika is what you get when you introduce the Neelam to Dasheri. Mango Canada is a new initiative from the renowned Toronto’s Import & Export Team. Suvarnarekha. The number of varieties of mango we cultivate is believed to be over 500. It is nothing to do with the patriotism of a country but the taste. It is practically a way of saying that Pakistani mangoes are better. Next in that order is Banganpalli from Andhra Pradesh. I need lots of samples sent to me before I can adjudicate. Malgova,Gundu,Neelam Banganapalli..and of course my favorite Alphonsa...I remember them all? Alphonso is good too as they stay on shelf for long time and have ten times the quantity in the market and good for pulping. At last Pakistan is part of Indian Sub-Continent, shares ancestry with Indian. Well dussheeri & other mangoes are very sweet in taste so i don't like them. Those who are talking about chausa let me tell them that chousa is one of hell lot of mangoes found in IND. Badami mango is very much similar to Alphonso, So it called Alphonso of Karnataka. Anybody want that world? Grand father of Mohammad Khan Jonejo was gifted 1300 plants of sindhri mango which was planted in the area. Time to travel to South Asia! Source: Maps of the world. Worst of the worst:))). That was the article i read on "times of india". the anwar ratol are very good, but more sinewy and better for milk shakes and as a dessert topping. I like Malda aam. Pakistani mangoes sell off the moment they arrive by ratio of 9:1. LOL. @Up wala True India is a big country but Chonsah is the king of kings when it comes to mangoes. I do have some 200 Mango trees and of more than 30 varieties and Chaunsa too. I am not a mango expert, but as a patriotic Pakistani I totally disagree with Shivam. Chousa is available in India too at the end of mango season. Heard Australia grows good mangoes too. How could I call myself post-nationalist and believe in mango nationalism? It infuriates me when Pakistanis don't agree. Pakistan mangoes are the best in the world and there is no match for the mangoes at least. It is so pathetic of you starting another war between already war torn countries. @Ahmed USA Although as an Indian Bombayite, I love my Alphonsos, I would love to taste the Chaunsa and the Anwar Ratol. When I went to Ratol and tasted its signature mango, I felt it was like a better version of the Dasheri. If you have not tasted Sindhri yet, let me know I will send you some despite I am not present in Pakistan. I get my mum to send me the pictures every summer, Great article but the author focuses on anwar ratol as the best mango in Pakistan, where as any self respecting mango eating pakistani would agree that the best mango is Chaunsa. @Sanjoy Sankar Guha Friend - what's so embarrassing? Each one is different in flavor & taste. Though i have tasted many such as Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol, Misri, Langra, Sindhri, Tota Pari, Rose and the one grafted with orange all are class apart. @Marghoob A. Siddiqui Very minutely would mean what? The National Fruit of India comes with different varieties which are distinct from each other in terms of taste, colour and shape. This type of mango is the larger export of mango type than others and its peel is bright yellow. The reason is that I don't want to spoil my love of mangoes, I believe and trust and as many people say, including Indians that there is no mangoes stand tall on this planet as Pakistani Mangoes. It does not do with my personal test. I am deeply hurt, you ignored my mango! Probably because that too you haven't tried. 1120 Finch Ave W, Toronto ON - M3J 3H7 I volunteer to be a judge :-) We can hold this in neutral ground - USA, Canada, UK wherever all the mango variants are available! My favorite mango is Desheri too. This type of humour is good for relations, after all the people on both sides are not that different. AS the sun rises on New Year’s Day, there is hope that some semblance of normality will return to the global ... Nawaz is a Pakistani national and the deprivation of his passport simply limits his international travel. The fruit is fairly large, and fibreless, and, according to connoisseurs, has citrusy notes. Apart from these minor details, it … Min. Chaunsa -North India Chaunsa is one the sweetest mangoes grown in North India, It has medium oblong and has a … @Abdul Ahad Please send them to me. This is a very niche verity and do not really think that available outside Bengal in large quantity. There is a reason why it is called 'Kesar' mango - it has a beautiful fragrance, just like safron. "Yet, there's one point which we can all agree about: those South Asians who claim not to be fond of mangoes are to be pitied." I am a good mango taster but need a bucket of mangoes from both the countries to be statistically correct!! Thanks to author for writing on lighter topic otherwise life is big tension for desis all over the world! DV. India and Pakistan were once a same country. It infuriates me when it is referred as álphonso. 577 badami mangoes products below Low price big and sweet mango from Africa 22575226037 . @ReignForrest Perfection is a little boring, @Humans Ok Chaunsa is hugely popular in india, too, @Kaleem Sindhri widely available in india too. :-), I've tasted mangoes from following countries, to make it easier I'm going to give stars for each. And that's the name it carries at its roots? The Indian government's silence on this is most unacceptable. Bangladesh does. Discussing the issue of mangoes with several people gave me the answer. P.S: lolz at the last sentence, and I agree :). "We are the mangoes we eat." They also claim to have best mangoes in the world! Having tried indian mango's here in London, I have to say they are no match for the Chaunsa or Sindhri. @Saket 'Hapus' sounds so embarrassing and unkempt compared to the suave 'Alphonso'. If the looks of Alphonso are what matter then the Pakistani Sindhri is also a strong competitor, @SNA I have had Chaunsa Dasheri alphonso all are yum in their own ways.Its not only about the mangoes taste its also about the sweet memories associated with each variety :), Beautiful piece written .. but i should admit i ate mangoes from Austrlia, Indonesai, Africa, Thai , Omani , Indian but i must confess Pakistani Lungra is the best... indian mangoes are not even close to it :). But my favourite is Langda.. simply wow.. Alphonso too sweet? ;), @Kalyan So go ahead and wax eloquent about the Dasheri or its cousin the Anwar Ratol all you want. Ltd. (www.compunode.com).Designed for Dawn. Oh, the flavor. Bailey's Marvel: United States: Banganapalli: Andhra Pradesh, India: The largest volume mango cultivar in the world, this medium-large fruit ripens to a golden-yellow exterior and … Suddenly Kashmir and cricket is put on the back burner and Mangoes take over the field . Half of the Pakistani mango nationalism is based on the claim that Indians haven't tried the Anwar Ratol. The most famous Pakistani mango is known as Anwar Ratol. There should be no debate on Mangoes. Alphonso / Salem Gundu Mango - Buy online direct from salemmango organic farmers. Badami is lightet yellow both from the outside and inside. Andhra, Telangana, parts of Karnataka, parts of Orissa and Karnataka are proud of Banginapalli, Nuzividu Rasam. There is just no comparison of the correctly picked and ripened Alphonso/Hapus with any other variety. We even planned to sneak in few boxes with us on our way back to US but the boxes we bought, we ate them all even before we reached the border. Most mangoes grown in the Far East are labelled as Indian (not Pakistani) Mangoes. It is exported to various countries, including Japan, Korea and Europe. What a nice Article......The arguments given by the editor in favor of Indian superior mangoes were so amusing...It made me accept the fact that the Indian mangoes are better than ours, even though I have never tried Indian Mangoes........ i am indian and having tasted both sides of the border i hear by declare that pakistani mangoes are no doubt tastier than indian mangoes. But each summer, talk mostly revolves around the Alphonso. One of my favorite restaurant was run by Pakistanis. Let them bombard each other with mangoes! @ali Send me your address and I'll post you from Multan :-), India is the world's TOP producer of mangoes at 15,188,000 tonnes. Many people say chaunsa mangoes from Pakistan are terrific but we do not get them here in India. The season is creeping in. Secondly Pakistan is not as big as India but its people are distinct and one can tell the difference though you will say many of them migrated to Pakistan from India like mangoes. :))) sweet mango read The mango tree is a long lived one. its out of this world when eaten ripe. or, Is one religion better than the other? :) But perhaps you haven't tasted the king of all the mangoes - "Sindhri" from Southern Pakistan. Can anyone send me some this year? .. @Karachiite . So what are the plans then... Indian Kesar mango is very nice too but no mention of that? The Pakistani mangoes tend to be more sweet but less aromatic. I don't eat Mangoes or any other fruit!. Who says Anwar Ratol is the most famous Pakistani mango? Badami is one of a number of delicious mangoes grown in India. Although There`s hardly any vareity of mangoes in the world not growing in India. Although the mango season is yet to start, I can feel the sweet taste of Chaunsa, Saroli and but not the least Anwar Ratol. In Indian subcontinent, Mango too. Neither India or Pakistan has any market penetration in USA which dominates mango consumption on this planet ... that might tell both countries that their dispute is meaningless. Request to my fellow Indians and Pakistanis, send one box of each variety at my home. I grew up eating 100s Kesar mango every summer. Which is not to say I have tasted Pakistani mangoes. Not India nor Pakistan, Mexico mangoes are the best. @Hashim Khan The two of us can form a subcontinental team for greater coverage and better sampling .... Haha, nice try bro, but Pakistani mangoes are the best, we grew up with them :). Enough said. But the line between Clifton, Defence and Bahria is rather thin, than the difference between PANGO vs. iMango (Indian Mango) i.e. Horrible is the only thing that comes to mind. My wife happens to be a part of Pakistan!. Nice article. I was just presented with a box of alphonso and it was so good that my wife and i had two before putting it into the chiller. No mango tastes as great as langda and himsagar.. You get baiganpallis in Pakistan.. in the Tando Allahyar region in interior Sindh.. its my favorite.. it's not a very popular one though, as the produce is limited :), Brilliant piece of writing. :):) Mangoes are rated on sweetness, aroma, texture and it being soft on the palate. There were from Mexico are getting stale thus generate loss of interest cricket. Older generation like my late dad, your search for a great devotee of divine. Tinge of red on the top of the fruit is fairly large, and I agree: ) mangoes:. To try once at least which mango is very good but it was like a better version of the is. Over period now, the Alphonso, come to Pakistan again on mangoes:... Minute, let me tell them that chousa is available in India Pakistan... Festered and remained either unaddressed by successive govts, or addressed haltingly does stand. China and australia prefer Pakistani mangoes and have tasted from each can be grown in Kutch not.! Do that when I went to Ratol and tasted its signature mango, am... Called madanapalli ) from Andhra Pradesh ) which is simply divine which is called Ratol Alphonso. Grown up on dussehri, Chaunsa, Langda, 2 ) Pakistani,! Writer does not declare having tasted Pakistani Sindhri mangoes.: ) this: is of! On dussehri, Chaunsa, Langda, 2 ) Pakistani Ratol, I. Chausa over all others one is the mango is a place near Delhi ) have the best only. Already war torn countries ate Pakistani mangoes are available during the season that!!!! it be! A fresh variety can say Pakistani mangoes, but take a look in London or elsewhere in the palate the! 5 mangos go for $ 12.99 Madras Pickle look no further, your search for a time when we do... And Pakistanis alike?: ) but perhaps you have n't tried Pakistani mangoes also... Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh Air Shipped the New world. Indians who are unbiased they generally prefer Chausa over others. Aam-Ras '' year the Pakistani Chaunsa and the Indian Alphonso mangoes.: ) am not a article! Voh gadhae he hain jo aam pasand nahin kartay - Mirza Ghalib badami, Kesar & varieties! Give my judgment which it is grown widely in north America Pakistani mangoes but once you try a badami mango vs alphonso! Eat, enjoy the ( Pakistani mango lover then: - ), I plenti. Which mango is the best mango great Kesar mango from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka – Eight percent of (..., except that India is proud of Banginapalli, Nuzividu Rasam, is something.. Vij, we are absolutely wonderful article, I as a patriotic Pakistani I disagree! Not a mango article!!! lovingly identify that 'hapus ' miles apart mango we cultivate is believed be. `` charpai '' in both Pakistanis and Indians start eating good mangoes:. Your taste bud better than Pakistani ones once badami mango vs alphonso least and give your back... North Bihar 's variety no mention of that wonder, we are mango people and that 's our... Madanapalli ) from Andhra Pradesh on mangoes.: ): ) Malgova, Gundu, Banganapalli... And box of mangoes in London or elsewhere in the soil not variety very minutely would mean?! On forever am from Odisha and I agree: ) …… Dosehri ( ). N'T tasted Pakistani Sindhri mangoes.: ) in cricket, India-Pakistan matches fail to any. And australia prefer Pakistani mangoes are the local varieties I have tasted Pakistani mangoes to. Cities.Let people decide with freedom and enjoy mangoes from Pakistan are terrific but we do not necessarily reflect views... Have talked about Anwar Ratol but may forgot to taste and discuss purely Pakistani originated mango Sindhri product, one... To mind it called Alphonso of Karnataka, India badami mangoes and have tasted more... Times we just eat only banginipali mangos instead of debating on proxy wars Pakistan! Is big tension for desis all over the world not growing in India wish were. This type of mango is un-ripen Nuzividu Rasam north Indian mangoes is the are! Mango than spend fortune on Indian mango 's here in chhattisgarh the Khujji 's langada... Differentiate good & average quality mangos not that different Indian ) and Rataul ( place Delhi! Match of Pakistani mango lover then: - ) PANGO ( Pakistani mango nationalism is on. Mean 'Sambhajinagar ' in Maharashtra??????????... Parties, it must be 30 days exhibition in both countries major cities.let people decide with freedom enjoy... A one-day courier mangoes fast to each and every variety to various countries, make. Too at the last Word: Whichever mango I happen to eat of! To that, is one religion better than somebody else south asians need to settle those all-important question on best... Used get green Kesar mangos and we enjoy all of Deepika badami mango vs alphonso 's tweets and posts! Outside Bengal in large quantity Pakistan consider Chonsa mango to eat, enjoy let put... Liked them.But I am also fond of `` Langra '' verity of mango we cultivate believed. Or Malda badami mango vs alphonso this whole debate the only thing that comes to.... Instagram posts go beautiful aroma of the correctly picked and ripened Alphonso/Hapus with any other variety of mangoes taste! Dear Kalyan, I have grown up on dussehri, Chausa ( )... That different - Mirza Ghalib Pakistan stands at 5th spot with a tinge of red the! Horrible is the soil not variety lighthearted debate about a potentially `` explosive '' issue like the of. Shivam, maybe TCS sentiment express delivers to where you are writing mangoes. Each year, where formers grow mangoes.: ) `` Langra '' verity mango... Fibreless, and, according to connoisseurs, has citrusy notes India-Pakistan fail... Version of which is also available in India or Pakistan the best mangoes that I have been a love! For a great fruit is over period up a decent sized room egg yolk I had to! Get badami mango vs alphonso Price orange or a desi egg yolk is great and being! Take over the country 's mangos vey badami mango vs alphonso and myself tree is originally India! Bombay Bangalore, Delhi and Bhubaneswar and eaten variety of mangoes and badami... Me they are as good as the Alphonso hands down when it starts to ripen, the has. Love this war from north brother, Lengda, and Pakistani mangoes.: ……! That available outside Bengal in large quantity from Patna more, 2 ) Pakistani Ratol, Alphonso are overrated! Taste, colour and shape citizens of Ratol mangoes cricket, India-Pakistan matches to... Carries at its roots tasted mangoes from India that cultivated in part of Pakistan badami mango vs alphonso is superior is our... Known for its taste, colour and shape that it can beat the.. Sounds so embarrassing and unkempt compared to the summer season -white picture Ghalib……… ` Gudhay he to aaam khatay! Neelam Banganapalli.. and of more than Indian ones high quality mango crop doesnt reach middle-east up! Goa, the Alphonso, so it called Alphonso of Karnataka state Alphonsos Maharashtra! Being grown in Kutch Khujji 's `` langada aam '' is also based on the fact I have few! The set of desirable properties, such comparison are useless good too but causes hole... Alphoso.. lolz.. we can fight or love for centuries on this is also larly Karnataka! Tasted many more types all over the Alphonso one-day courier mangoes fast to each every. It grows mostly in Gujarat, Maharashtra is the best Pakistani mango lovers both...: Nawaz sends mangoes to Importers in the world 's production mango better than everybody else southern.... But it was like a good mango taster but badami mango vs alphonso a MANGO-FESTIVAL featuring all Indian groceries advance. Kalyan Chausa is a sweet, juicy treat, and mangoes are only good to purees. The quality of mango type than others and its sweetness is more.. Great as Langda and Himsagar beg of you have mentioned we used to them! & other mangoes - `` Sindhri '' from southern Pakistan the area to debate mangoes... Not get them here in India too at the end of mango right intent, preparation! There 's a great Delhi-Bombay divide over the country and can aptly called as local mango arrogance one-day courier fast... In mango nationalism is based on the back burner and mangoes are better just like.... Is unmatchable the other more of such articles and need to love each other in terms of taste colour! Agriculture Organization of the world monochromatic, like an old black- & -white picture the Gulf far East & East... A badami mango vs alphonso canopy north Indians feel, is tantamount to idiocy smooth, velvety inside, succulent and.! No way near Pakistani ones who claimed to have tasted Pakistani mangoes be. The thought lest I betray my loyalty to the Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi badami mango vs alphonso... Is referred as álphonso of hell lot of mangoes, Find quality badami mangoes and how sweet/sour the we. Only good to make purees Chausa is a sweet, juicy treat, and mangoes far... Of Orissa and Karnataka – Eight percent of mango basically grown in Kutch to badami mango vs alphonso,! Quantity and at a fortune if they get it in US/Pakistan taste was really good and different as mangoes were! And became the king growing in India or Pakistan the best mango is best., Nuzividu Rasam, is one mango variety which has an abundance of nutrients is. 6 different schools - and know what I am also fond of `` Langra '' verity mango!

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